Take On Your Layover in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is more than just beaches.


Take On Your Layover in Tampa Bay

By InMotion
December 29, 2017

Are you escaping the cold, snowy north this winter season? If you are headed to Tampa, you won’t want to miss this thriving airport and city center. It doesn’t matter if Tampa is your final destination or if you are just passing through, the Tampa Bay Airport serves over 80 non-stop destinations and is one of the only airports to provide direct flights to Cuba. This impressive airport provides a great deal of food and closes by entertainment. So take a minute to explore Tampa, you will definitely be surprised!

All Aboard the Gasparilla Bar

Ride the high seas as you wait to take flight

While you are walking through Airside E of the airport, you may stop to admire a large replica of a ship in the center of the terminal. This means you’ve arrived at the elaborately themed Gasparilla Bar! You can belly up to the bar of an authentic pirate ship. The Gasparilla Bar features Captain Morgan cocktails and a diverse menu of on board meals. Specials include a pirate’s roast beef sandwich and “Black Beard’s” bean salad. If you see this striking structure during your stay in Tampa, you definitely won’t regret checking it out.

Recharge at the Rumfish Grill

Get the waterfront experience

Tampa Bay’s airport also features another knockout theme restaurant, the Rumfish Grill. The focal point of this aquatic themed restaurant is a spectacular 33,500 gallon fish tank. Over 20 species can be seen from the underwater observation area! You’ll be able to experience the wildlife of Tampa from inside this innovative restaurant while dining on a delicious dinner. The Rumfish Grille also features an outdoor dining option so you will be able to feel Tampa’s tropical climate as you enjoy your meal. Make it a full experience with a pair Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Overear headphones. These headphones will transport you to a different world as you admire the wonders of nature.  Stop by this restaurant for lunch or dinner and prepare for an amazing underwater experience.

Enjoy A Relaxing Walk At Cypress Point Park

A gorgeous boardwalk is closer than you think

If you are in the mood to explore, go on a walk to Cypress Point Park. The park is one of the closest attractions to the airport, so you won’t have venture far to this secluded trail. This natural trail leads to breathtaking beach and ocean views. The park is a place where tourists can fish, swim, and experience a Floridian day at the beach. Pack along a Cabeau Evolution Cool Neck Pillow to stay comfortable during your beach visit and enjoy an afternoon and a romantic sunset at Cypress Point Park without any hassle.

Discover Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Make your layover an adventure
Tampa Zoo

Also not too far from the airport is the world renowned Lowry Park Zoo. This zoo boasts unforgettable animal encounters spanning across 56 acres. Over one million visitors a year will experience the diverse wildlife! Why not join in for a day and check out the four areas of the park: Asia, Africa, Australia and Florida. These diverse habitats incorporate exotic animals and plant exhibits.  Famous for their manatees, the Lowry Park Zoo allows for up close and personal experiences with its aquatic life. With so many attractions, you’ll want to bring along a Qmadix Travel Kit. Keep all your devices charged to snap breathtaking pictures of the wildlife. Don’t miss out on this incredible attraction next time you are in the Tampa area.

Now you’re all set for your next stay, or layover, in beautiful Tampa Bay. And don’t forget to check out out InMotion location in airside A.


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