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Tantalizing Travel Bags For Your Transcontinental Trips

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Tantalizing Travel Bags For Your Transcontinental Trips

By InMotion
November 15, 2018

It’s pretty clear that there’s no point to having the latest and greatest gear if you have no way of bringing it with you. InMotion has thought long and hard about this dilemma, and we’ve decided to curate some of the luggage and travel bags that we believe serve you best for transporting your precious goods across land and sea. Read on to find out what our favorite picks are for your transportation needs.

Feel Secure With Samsonite

This hard-shell case features premium security for your peace of mind

Samsonite Freeform Spinner 21” Bag

Hard shell cases are still a staple of the luggage industry for a reason: they are durable, lightweight, and they offer a great deal of space in the interior. Clearly, their fundamental design is a recipe for success, but there are quite a few models of this design out there that offer pretty much the same thing. The Samsonite Freeform Spinner 21” Bag sets itself apart with the implementation of a few subtle, but important features that vastly improve the user experience.

Their multi-stage aluminum handle offers a lightweight and rigid grasp for you to comfortably escort your luggage all over town. The set of 4 360-degree spin wheels provides a smooth and effortless glide to all of your maneuverings, and the retractable side handles offer accessible handling for whatever carrying style suits you best.

Our favorite aspect is the built-in TSA-friendly combination lock, which keeps all of your luggage secure while still accommodating TSA regulations regarding your bag. The Samsonite Freeform Spinner is a serious new take on a proven design, and it delivers on its promise to get your luggage wherever you need to go safe and sound.

Laptop And Lapels

This sleek travel bag redefines what it means to look fresh

For short trips, we can often feel torn between choosing what luggage to bring. While bringing a simple laptop bag feels underdeveloped, packing an entire suitcase for a one-day trip seems unnecessary. This problem can be solved, thankfully, by the SOLO New York Pro Rolling Overnighter Case.

It comes fully equipped with a padded laptop sleeve that packages your computer in soft, yielding felt. The telescoping handle allows you to transport your baggage with ease, and once you’re done you can store it away without taking up much room.

What separates this from the rest of the pack is the overnight compartment itself. With space for a change of clothes and a buckle to keep your clothes tucked in tight without wrinkling, you’ll be prepared for whatever the day throws at you with a crisp collar and your pleats looking dapper. And the entire ensemble looks stylish as well, with a shiny black cloth exterior and blue highlights on the corners. Ultimately, this overnight bag is brimming with personality and style, and US Luggage has given us a gift for all those short trips in our future.

Thinking With Thule

The Subterra 30L Backpack is literally a powerhouse

Thule Subterra 30L Backpack

In addition to any of the larger luggage you plan on bringing, wearing a backpack has also become a norm for most people who seriously want to keep their electronics on them at all times. Backpacks have a few benefits over other bags, mainly their extreme versatility and their ease of transportation. With those features in mind, the Thule Subterra 30L Backpack is a testament to the best a travel bag can be.

The Thule Subterra 30L Backpack has a volume of 30 Liters on the inside, with a dedicated padded laptop pouch that features Safe Edge construction for the utmost in security. There is also a pocket specifically for holding your tablet, as well as a smaller, cushioned pocket designed for containing your phone, sunglasses, or other small, vulnerable items.

Despite the other impressive aspects, the defining feature of this travel bag is the internal Power Pocket. It’s a slot designed to hold your portable charger, with inlets made for your cords to travel through the backpack to your laptop, allowing you to charge on the go, wherever you go. This way, your travel time is also counting towards your work, allowing you to be productive at all hours of the day. Thule clearly knows what they’re doing with their fantastic, expansive backpack. We approve.

Luxurious Layover

Ogio is answering all of our carry-on prayers

Ogio travel bags are known for their opulent nature, and the Ogio International Layover model certainly fits that bill. 2800 cubic inches of internal capacity, with custom skate wheels and a retractable handle, along with your choice of any of Ogio’s custom pop designs for the fabric itself.

The bag is gorgeous and enormous, fitting more than you would expect from a bag this size. It also has pockets inside and outside to secure your smaller items. It’s clear why this is Ogio’s most popular travel bag, especially considering it’s completely in-line with airline carry-on regulations, allowing you to take this beauty with you in the overhead compartment. With style and substance, it’s clear why Ogio continues to delight travellers everywhere.

This was our take on the vast world of travel bags and luggage at your disposal. This was only a taste of all that the luxurious world of luggage has to offer, and if you’re looking for more, stop in at any InMotion for even more travel bags, headphones, and electronics accessories.

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