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Thanksgiving Travel Tips for an Enjoyable Trip Back Home

Tips for Making the Trip Back Home for Thanksgiving Stress-Free


Thanksgiving Travel Tips for an Enjoyable Trip Back Home

By InMotion
November 21, 2019

As Thanksgiving continues to creep closer, you are probably finalizing travel plans at this very moment. However, you are not the only one planning to drive or fly home this year for Thanksgiving. As a result, roads are going to be congested and airport security lines are going to be backed up. The last thing you want is to miss your flight or arrive at Thanksgiving dinner late to some extremely hungry family members. 

That’s why InMotion has assembled a guide to help make your Thanksgiving travels as seamless and pain-free as possible. We also know how travel gear can make or break a trip. To help you out, we are featuring powerful, high-tech travel accessories to assist you before, during, and after take-off. 

Travel Tip #1: Leave Early

travel tip map reading

Travel can be stressful, but with the right amount of preparation, you can easily avoid letting it become a full-blown nightmare. One of the ways you can do this is by leaving your house early. If you are driving, try to leave your home before the rush hour so you won’t find yourself sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. If you are flying, try to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the plane begins to load. It’s much better to sit quietly by your gate for an hour than anxiously wait in an unending security line. 

Leaving early can also account for any travel hiccups you weren’t expecting. Maybe the weather is bad and traffic is moving even slower than expected. There could be a car accident on the road that will impede your progress. By leaving early, you won’t have to worry about these obstacles making you late for your train, bus, flight or dinner. 

Travel Tip #2: Pack Smart

packing travel holidays

Will you be driving five hours home for Thanksgiving? Then you are going to want to pack some drinks and snacks for the road. While some areas do provide rest stops for travelers, they will likely be crowded during the Thanksgiving travel season. Don’t forget to pack medication, toiletries, and chargers with you too. You never know what emergency may pop up during your trip. 

Enjoy Some Entertainment on the Flight Home

iLuv Airfree Dongle

For a long plane ride home, entertainment of any kind is a must. But if you have wireless headphones, you will not be able to watch TV shows or films on the plane’s entertainment system, as it requires headphones with a 3.5 mm aux. Thankfully, the iLuv AirFree BT Dongle w/3.5mm Aux is a fun and inexpensive alternative to the old, glitchy headphones that many airlines give out to passengers. 

Using the iLuv AirFree is easy. Users simply hold the iLuv’s power button for three seconds to begin pairing. Once a white light flashes on the iLuv, you can also turn on your Bluetooth headphones to pairing mode. Then, you just have to bring them closer together until both of their lights turn green. When you are ready, plug the 3.5mm audio jack into the audio source device. The audio will then automatically stream into your headphones. 

The iLuv AirFree is compatible with AirPods and most Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Thanks to its small, unibody design, you don’t have to worry about misplacing parts or struggling to fit it inside your bags. It contains a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 6 hours of playtime and 8 hours in standby. 

Tune Out and Relax

bose 700 at InMotion Stores

Family car rides, crowded buses, and bustling airports can get pretty loud, especially around the holidays. The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 provide you with the ability to tune out the noise around you and relax. With 11 levels of noise cancellation, you have the power to decide exactly how much outside noise you want to let in. For quick interruptions, such as placing a coffee order or scanning a boarding pass, press the button for Conversation Mode to pause your music and let surrounding noise back in. 

With the adaptive four-microphone system that isolates your voice from surrounding noise, you can confidently take phone calls without fear of interruption or miscommunication. You also have easy access to your phone’s voice assistant for anything from changing the music to turning on navigation. These headphones also offer up to 20 hours of wireless battery life. 

Bose AR

The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 is also equipped with Bose AR, a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform that makes astonishing new audio experiences possible by helping you stay connected to the digital world and the physical world at the same time. Bose AR works by using motion sensors embedded inside the headphones to detect your head orientation and body movement.  A super fun game to try out over the holiday with the family is Sonic Samauri, challenging you to fight off enemies approaching you using sound alone. Bose AR-enhanced apps use this information to tailor their audio content based on your location and activity. 

Stay Charged for the Whole Flight

Mycharge at Inmotion

The myCharge HUB Turbo 6,700 mAh Portable Charger for Mobile Devices provides a safe and reliable alternative for charging your electronic gear on-the-go. Airport charging stations are quite vulnerable to hackers, so many travelers try to avoid using them whenever possible. With the myCharge, you can tuck the slim device in your bags and bring it out for a portable, safe charging experience when you are ready. 

The myCharge is compatible with most cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players. You can even power up to three devices at once. Did we mention that the charger also comes with built-in cables? Simply plug your devices directly into the charger for a fast, powerful charge. 

With our travel tips and accessories, you can feel safe knowing that you are fully prepared for your upcoming trip. Before boarding on your next flight, remember to stop in at InMotion for the best deals on travel accessories. 

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