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The Ultimate Layover Experience at San Francisco Airport

Here are some of our favorite spots in San Francisco International Airport


The Ultimate Layover Experience at San Francisco Airport

By InMotion
April 24, 2018

In the business world, travel layovers are inevitable. Luckily, when flying out of San Francisco International Airport you’ll have plenty to see and do while you wait for your next flight. Here are some wonderful highlights of the San Francisco International Airport!

Berman Reflection Room

Berman Reflection Room

This is the ultimate place to get a break from all of the hustle and bustle of traveling. The Reflection Room is meant to be the place to get away and to relax.  This is the place for happy and relaxing vibes. You can find this room in the International Main Hall, by Gates G92-102. This is the perfect place to use your Beats by Dre Studio 3 Wireless Headphones! Find some mellow tunes and just enjoy the scenery. We all need self-care, and the Reflection Room is the best place to do that.

Aviation Museum and Library

Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum and Library is the hidden gem of SFO. It has an exact replica of what the terminal used to look like back in the day. There is also some interesting photos of the early days of aviation and some nifty aerial shots. It’s a great place to learn some cool history and check out some interesting books on aviation. There are so many cool photo opportunities, so be sure to use your Popsocket Phone Grip to get that perfect shot. It’ll definitely spice up your Facebook feed.   



Whoever said that traveling can be stressful has never been to SFO’s XpresSpa. It is a full-service spa with manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and waxing. There are three XpresSpas throughout the airport. They’re all post-security, so they’re for the hardcore layover passengers. XpresSpa has a variety of packages to fit all of your spa needs.

When you arrive at your destination from SFO, be sure to have your B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Microphone because you’ll never know when it could be handy. Traveling can bring up some unexpected needs, so it is always good to be prepared! So stop by InMotion, we can fulfill any electronic needs you may have while at San Francisco Airport.

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