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The Untouchable Sound of Bose Makes Everything Better

Bose can keep up with your busy lifestyle.


The Untouchable Sound of Bose Makes Everything Better

By InMotion
October 13, 2017

You know the feeling. The kind you get when you’re transported to a whole different world through your music. Bose is one of the few brands that allows you to experience such a thing. With Bose, there is always more to hear with the guarantee of goosebumps every single time. Stop by the nearest InMotion store to demo any of these amazing products.

Wireless & Water Resistant

Nothing can hold you back now

Leave the wires at home and go wireless with the new SoundSport when you hit the gym. Exercise is demanding, so demand wireless headphones to keep up with your challenging workouts. The sweat and weather resistant design keeps you from using any excuses to hit the gym. Sweat it out or run through the rain, SoundSport will keep up every step of the way while keeping moisture out. The secure and comfortable earbuds will push you and never let you fail.

Unmatched Comfort

Brand new, world-class noise cancellation

QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II just keeps getting better. With Google Assistant built in, you can play music, receive texts, and manage your daily tasks without even glancing at your phone. Lose yourself in your music with noise-canceling technology that doesn’t let so much as a peep through. These luxurious headphones feature plush ear cushions manufactured from a synthetic protein leather so light you’ll hardly remember they’re there.

InMotion experts want to hear your favorite experience with Bose products! Tell us in the comments!

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