3 Tech and Travel Accessories

for Smooth Winter Adventures

Travel and Tech Accessories for Every Winter Getaway

Winter Explorations Made Easy with Innovative Travel Accessories


Travel and Tech Accessories for Every Winter Getaway

By InMotion
December 5, 2019

It seems like summertime gets all the credit for being the greatest time to travel. As warm weather enters some of your favorite destinations, people can’t help but get in touch with their adventurous sides. However, wintertime is perhaps the most underrated time to travel to some of the best destinations across the globe. If you’re prepared to brace yourself for brisk temperatures, your adventure could lead to shorter lines, a less ‘touristy’ feel, and more authentic experience of your destination. At InMotion, we want to help make each and every adventure brighter than the last, which is why we’re here to showcase three great products for your upcoming winter getaway.

Iconic Headphones for Every Winter Journey

Apple Airpods Pro: the Perfect Headphones for Winter Wear

Apple AIrpods at InMotion

The seasons call for different tech accessories. In the summer, you’re likely to gather and celebrate with friends and will be in need of a wireless speaker. In the winter, however, you’re likely to be bundled up with scarves, hats, and earmuffs that make headphones a difficult pairing. Luckily, true wireless headphones like Apple Airpods Pro are here to deliver high-quality sound to your winter journey -- no matter how bundled up you may be.

Compact and easy to fit under a hat or earmuffs, Apple Airpods Pro are the perfect choice for winter travelers out and about who want to experience their music with crisp tones and rich bass. Created with the Apple H1 chip, these headphones ensure strong, seamless connections with your favorite Apple devices. This is great news for business travelers and adventurers alike, making it simple to switch from your favorite music to a work call or an edit of your daily snowboarding video. Use your Airpods Pro for 4.5 hours straight, carrying up to 24 hours of listening with you with the convenient carrying case.

Apple Airpods Pro also deliver Active Noise Canceling capabilities, blocking our extraneous noise for the most distraction-free listening experience possible. If you’re exploring a town listening to your favorite music, simply activate transparency mode to stay in tune with your surroundings. All of these fantastic features combine with a sleek, water and sweat-resistant design and Qi-charging for a listening experience that is ready for any type of winter lifestyle.

The Perfect Travel Bag for Winter Adventures

Pack Up and Go with This Versatile Travel Duffel from Samsonite

Samsonite InMotion

Winter adventures, while definitely sporting its own set of advantages, do come with a few drawbacks. Travelers are often faced with cold weather, snowy conditions, and heavily salted sidewalks, making it important to have luggage that can roll with the wintertime punches. The Samsonite Andante 2-Wheeled Duffel is designed tough to tackle winter obstacles like a champion, making it a great travel bag for winter and year-round travel.

The namesake design of the Samsonite Andante 2-Wheeled Duffel comes for the two smooth-rolling wheels at the base of the bag for simple transport through bumpy, busy, and gritty environments. The bag is constructed with durable, water-resistant polyester so you can rest assured that your belongings stay dry through the elements of wintertime. Additionally, the Samsonite Andante 2-Wheeled Duffel features a water-resistant end pocket that’s great for carrying snow-soaked accessories or shoes while on the go.

The Samsonite Andante 2-Wheeled Duffel is designed for your fast-paced winter schedule with a locking pull handle and a number of exterior grab handles, all of which ensure that you’re able to grab everything you need while on the go. Great for winter getaways to the ski lodge or a trip home for the holidays, the Samsonite Andante 2-Wheeled Duffel is designed to survive all your winter travel adventures.

Protect Your Eyes & Preserve a Great Listening Experience

Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses are the Ideal Travel Accessory

Bose Frames InMotion

The summer is notorious for sunshine, but people tend to forget how bright the world becomes with overcast skies and white, snowy landscapes. This makes sunglasses a key aspect of any winter travel bag. But what if your favorite sunglasses could double as your new favorite listening device while on the go?

Bose Frames - the newest audio sunglasses by a leading tech accessory brand - are the perfect solution for all of your wintertime adventures. Bose Frames Alto are not only designed with a stylish, angular eye shape, but deliver a powerful open-ear listening experience. Made with tiny microphones angled perfectly at your ears, you’ll experience your favorite music while shopping in town, hiking your favorite trails, or hitting the slopes.

Bose Frames Alto don’t just deliver you a rich, Bluetooth-enabled listening experience, but provide UVA/UVB protection from the sun. Not only are Bose Frames Alto great for your listening experience, but are made to be super user-friendly with convenient touch controls located directly on the glasses. Now it’s easier than ever to pack the accessories you need for travel without sacrificing space or style.

Think it’s time to find the perfect collection of winter travel accessories? Stop in at InMotion to browse a variety of powerful products and try out your faves with free demos from our expert associates.

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