Trending Tech Gadgets for the Back to School Season

Make this school season more interesting with these products.


Trending Tech Gadgets for the Back to School Season

By InMotion
August 16, 2017

Back to school season is right around the corner! It doesn’t matter if you’re in school, have kids in school, or are done with formal education forever, this time of year is perfect to take advantage of the great deals. Everyone’s in the shopping mood right before school, and you should be too! Take advantage of the tech gurus at an InMotion store near you to find the perfect product for your needs as you head through the airport on your way home from summer vacation.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC33iS In-Ear Headphones

Take Full Control of Your Calls and Music

Powered by active noise cancellation, Audio Technica uses advanced technology to bring you the best sound experience possible. The compact in-ear design makes it perfect for travel, and the QuietPoint control module and inline microphone let you take control quickly and easily.

Audio Technica headphones
Inline Microphone with Controller

Use the microphone and controller to make calls without having to look at your phone. Thanks to the controller’s integration with multiple phones and smart devices, you can turn down the music and answer your calls without digging your phone out of your pocket.

Active Noise Cancellation

This modern technology can listen to what’s going on around you, turn those sounds into signals, and create opposing signals to cancel them out. Now you can fully get in the zone during your study sessions.

Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker

Never Lose Your Belongings Ever Again

Have you ever misplaced your wallet or keys? Or maybe your dog ventures off when he’s outside and it always takes too long to find him. Use the Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker to keep track of all of the things that seem to magically disappear.

Tile Sport Bluetooth tracker

With up to 200 feet Bluetooth range, connect the tracker to your phone so you can use the app to see where your item is and activate a ringtone to pinpoint its exact location. If you want to be a smart parent, sneak the tracker onto your kid’s backpack before they hop on the bus for the first day of school.

Insta360 Camera

Capture the Moment With a Full 360 View Right From Your Phone

Become an instant photo and video expert by capturing high-quality 360 images thanks to Insta360. Make the most of the new school year by remembering every moment, reliving your kid’s field trips, or even live streaming to share with your friends.

Insta360 Pro

Featuring full 8k video resolution, 360 3D imaging, and cube map projection, you can create full VR experiences with Insta360’s best performing 360 camera. This is designed for the professional videographer who needs the best of the best.

Insta360 Pro
Insta360 Air and Nano

These smaller and lighter versions of the Insta360 Pro are designed for seamless integration with your smartphone. You still get the freedom to capture everything around you with impeccable video quality and streaming capabilities. Use the Air for Android devices and the Nano for Apple devices.

Insta360 Air and Nano

Ventev Chargesync Apple Lightning Cable

Charge Fast to Keep Going

Thanks to Ventev, you can keep your phone charged all day, everyday. Ventev offers Apple Lightning cables of various lengths and colors, so you get the durable and flexible charger that meets your hectic lifestyle. No more worrying about tangled, fraying cables anymore.

Ventev charge cable

From 6 inches to 6 feet, choose the length that works for you. Since these are engineered to support higher electric outputs, you can charge faster than ever, even if you only have a couple minutes to charge your phone in your car.

Mophie Powerstation Plus

Keep Your Devices Juiced Wherever You Are

Sometimes you can’t always find a place with an outlet to charge your phone, or maybe you just don’t have the time to wait. The Mophie Powerstation Plus is perfect for charging multiple devices on the go.

Mophie powerstation plus

The built-in switch-tip charging cable lets you charge both Apple and micro USB devices. A second USB port lets you charge two devices at once, and the battery gives you two full charges for your smartphone or tablet on one charge.

Ogio Carbon Laptop BackPack

Back to School Means a Fresh, New Backpack

Ogio’s Carbon Laptop Backpack is built for the traveler’s active lifestyle. Thanks to its slim fit and sturdy material, you’ll happily take it with you to class around campus, to your next business trip, or on a spontaneous journey across the country.

Ogio carbon laptop backpack

Let’s Ease That Back to School Stress

Need help finding the right gadgets before school starts? Not sure what camera or headphones you need? We’re here to help! Talk to one of our tech experts at your nearest InMotion store, and we’ll help you get ready for the upcoming school year!

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