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Ultimate Airplane Accessory Guide

Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your Next Flight


Ultimate Airplane Accessory Guide

By InMotion
June 25, 2019

A variety of factors will influence whether or not you are destined to have a relaxing flight. Do you have an aisle seat or a middle seat? Is the person next to you a talker? Are there any crying babies around? While you can’t always control certain variables, such as your assigned seat buddy or whether there is a child behind you likes to kick your seat, you can purchase travel gear to help make your flight more enjoyable. Here at InMotion, we enjoy helping customers find the perfect travel tech accessories that will prepare them for a comfortable and stress-free flight. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 must-have accessories to bring with you on your next trip. 

Sleep in Peace During Your Next Flight

You’ll be out like a light before you know it

Capeau Pillow

It’s no secret that airplane seats tend to be cramped and uncomfortable. And it doesn’t help that there is no easy way to find a sleeping position that won’t hurt your back or neck. To solve this issue, try using the Cabeau Evolution Classic Memory Foam Travel Pillow on your next flight. Armed with 360-degree support for the head and chin, the Cabeau Evolution Classic Memory Foam Travel Pillow will change the way you sleep on a plane forever. In fact, its patented memory foam design is proven by science to be one of the most comfortable travel pillows you can purchase. With its front clasps and u-shaped design, you can rest your head in any position you see fit. 

The pillow is designed to cushion vital areas of the head and neck with its high-grade memory foam that was crafted by skillful sleep artisans. If it ever gets dirty, you just have to remove the pillow’s washable cover and throw it in the washing machine. 

Tune in to In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Watch your favorite TV show or movie from the comfort of your own headphones

AirFly is a bluetooth transmitter for wireless headphones to connect to any wired audio jack

The Twelve South AirFly Wireless Transmitter is designed to connect wireless headphones or earbuds, such as AirPods, to any in-flight entertainment system on a plane. While some airlines do hand out free headphones for convenience, most people prefer using their own headphones for their higher durability and sound. The Twelve South AirFly goes into your seat’s headphone jack while your AirPods or any other wireless set of headphones connects to the Wireless Transmitter via Bluetooth. Now you can enjoy the high-quality sound that you are used to with your favorite headphones while watching the latest films and TV show releases on your next trip. 

Listen to Music With a Friend

Enjoy Music With Another Person Without Sacrificing Sound Quality

iluv headphone splitter

The iLuv: i111 HP Splitter w/ Volume Control is perfect for people who want to listen to music or watch a show on the same device, but have different volume preferences and want to be able to use both of their earbuds rather than one. The HP Splitter is compatible with any device that uses a 3.5 mm port. If your phone or tablet uses a different port, such as the USB-C port, you can purchase a separate adapter to connect your devices together. 

The HP Splitter allows users to listen to stereo sound from two headphones, rather than mono sound coming from only one headphone, without sacrificing the quality of the music. Its nickel coated metal is designed to prevent corrosion and signal loss, which helps the adapter maintain high sound quality. Not only that, but each person can adjust the sound by using the HP Splitter’s dual volume control adjusters. Set up is simple. There is no installation process needed. Simply plug the adapter into a device while attaching your headphones on the other side. Now, you are ready to go!

Immerse Yourself in Your Own World 

Want to Block Outside Noise From the Flight? We Have You Covered


The Panasonic Premium Hi-Res Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Over the Ear Headphones allow you to listen to your favorite music while blocking out interfering noise from the outside world. Maybe you are tired of listening to the person snoring several seats back. Or are stuck next to a couple who won’t stop arguing. All you have to do is adjust your headphones’ active noise control to one of three different setting levels to reduce unwanted outside noise. Need to ask the flight attendant for a drink? Just cover the headphone speaker housing on your right side to enhance ambient sound so that you can converse without having to take off your headphones. These headphones are built with a 3D ball joint structure and soft 3D ear pads so that they can fit comfortably around the head and ears. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride without worrying about any outside noise interfering. 

Enjoy Wireless Music

Connect These High-Tech Headphones to Your Phone Via Bluetooth

shure bluetooth headphones

Shure’s Bluetooth Earphones with wireless remote and mic control give users the ability to listen to music on their phone in one click without having to fumble around with any wires or ports. Users can also enjoy detailed, lifelike sound thanks to the enhanced bass in the headphones. The headphones also come equipped with a sound isolation design that allows users to block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. If at any point you need to take a phone call or make a voice command, you can still access any voice-activated device features while adjusting your three-button remote and microphone. 

Traveling can be an exhausting and stressful endeavor. But these accessories should definitely help alleviate your worries and concerns regarding your next flight. The next time you are at the airport, don’t forget to stop by InMotion to shop for the latest tech devices and accessories. Our expert associates will be more than happy to help you find the right tech that fits your needs. 

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