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Valentine’s 2020: Tech Accessories Travelers Will Love

Find Love at InMotion this Valentine’s Day with Accessories from iLuv, JBL, and More


Valentine’s 2020: Tech Accessories Travelers Will Love

By InMotion
February 6, 2020

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day itself, we can all agree that we connect to the people and places we love. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as exploring the world with those you love most, making Valentine’s Day travel the perfect way to celebrate (or protest) the holiday. No matter how you celebrate, InMotion is dedicated to making sure every journey is made brighter with powerful accessories for your next adventure. Check out these great electronics for travelers that are sure to make you fall in love this Valentine’s Day.

iLuv i111 HP Splitter w/ Volume Control

Share Your Favorite Music, Podcasts, and More with Ease

iLuv headphone splitter

When snuggling up with a loved one or heading out on a BAEcation this Valentine’s Day, you’re sure to want to share your favorite movies, songs, and podcasts with your travel partner. However, you probably don’t want to sacrifice your own listening experience in the process. The iLuv i111 HP Splitter w/ Volume Control is the perfect solution to this age-old problem. Capable of plugging into any 3.5mm headphone port, the iLuv i111 HP Splitter w/ Volume Control allows you to access your favorite forms of entertainment without sharing headphones. The splitter has to headphone jacks so that each user can use their own headphones and independently control the volume, keeping everyone happy and comfortable while enjoying mobile entertainment.

Tile Essentials 2020 (4 Pack)

Keep Track of the Belongings You Love While on the Go

Tile Accessories

We never want to lose the people and things we love, which is why the Tile Essentials 2020 4 Pack is the perfect accessory for people on the go. The Tile Essentials 2020 4 Pack includes 1 Tile Slim, 1 Tile Mate, and 2 Tile Stickers, which combine to create the perfect back of digital trackers. These Tile products connect to your favorite and most commonly lost items -  your keys, remote, passport, wallet, and more - to deliver you peace of mind wherever you do. These no-fuss solutions keep the items you love under tabs while heading to your next destination. Best of all, you can save $30 (now through 2/15) on the Tile Essentials 2020 4 Pack for yourself or a forgetful lover this Valentine’s Day at InMotion.

JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Speaker

Share the Music You Love with the Masses

JBL Flip 5

When you love something, you can’t help but want to share it with the world. Thanks to the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker, it’s easier to share the music you love than ever before. This powerful Bluetooth speaker is made to be super durable with strong fabric, rugged rubber housing, and a IPX7 waterproof rating. This durability doesn’t come with the sacrifice of high-quality sound, though. The JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker has a racetrack-shaped driver that delivers high output and booming bass in one super-portable package. Great for bringing along to set the romantic mood on outdoor dates and relaxing evenings in, the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker delivers up to 12 hours of playback on a single charge and connects with a number of other JBL speakers to keep the Valentine’s Day celebrations going all evening long.

Popsockets: Rose Gold Metallic Diamond

Diamond Popsockets are a Girl’s Best Friend this Valentine’s Day

popsockets valentine's day

Whether you’re snuggling up to watch a movie on your device or spending hours on the phone with your loved one, getting a grip on your device isn’t always easy. Popsockets set out to solve this classic struggle with the Popsockets Rose Gold Metallic Diamond. Popsockets stick to the back of your device and pop in an out to either lay flat or make it easy to prop up and hold your device between your fingers. Adding a bit of style to your phone while making it more ergonomic than before, the Popsockets Rose Gold Metallic Diamond is the sweetest girl for staying connected to a loved one. The Popsockets Rose Gold Metallic Diamond also includes a swappable top, making it easy to switch from one design or color to another when you’re ready for something new -- no breakup necessary.

Ready to find the tech accessories you’ll love? Stop in at InMotion while traveling to find the right accessories for every adventure.

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