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We've got everything you need to survive your trip home for the holidays

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We've got everything you need to survive your trip home for the holidays

By InMotion
November 20, 2017

The holidays are notoriously a peak period for travelers, many heading back home to see family and friends. One of the best ways to deal with congested terminals, middle seats on the plane and long layovers is by picking up some of the latest technology and electronics from InMotion for your trip.

The perfect gift for yourself… or a friend

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Headphones

Whether you’re taking a plane, train or automobile home for the holidays, a new pair of headphones will make the long travel hours immensely better. The Skullcandy Hesh 3 headphones are perfect for loud bus rides or drowning out the white noise of a flight. Skullcandy has a reputation for producing very colorful headphones, making them easy to spot. However, the Hesh 3 come in all black or gray, for a more professional look. But don’t worry, they come in red and blue too. It’s typically stressful traveling with new electronics, especially headphones because you don’t want them getting destroyed in your bag. But have no fear. The Hesh 3’s fold up into a compact size, making the perfect size to stash in a carry on. As a little bonus, Skullcandy will throw in a stylish travel case if you purchase the Hesh 3’s at one of our Soundbalance, iStore or Headphone Hub. This is worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for a last minute gift before you arrive home.

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Headphones

The major design change in the headphones is in the shape of the ear cups. Skullcandy previously used a circular design, but have since switched to more of an elongated oval. This is meant to better fit the ears and provide more comfort. Perhaps the best feature on the headphones is it’s absurdly long battery life. You’ll get 22 hours of tunes at a full charge. That means you could theoretically drive from Pittsburgh to your grandma in Houston for Thanksgiving and still have battery life left.

360 degrees of sound

Bose Revolve + Speaker

The Bose Soundlink Revolve + speaker is yet another great addition to the portable speaker market by Bose. The speaker has enough memory to hold 8 devices through Bluetooth at a time, making it ideal for traveling home with a group of friends or family. The 360 degree sound will also ensure nobody near the speaker is getting the short end of the stick in terms of sound quality. This makes it perfect for watching a movie while you’re squished into the third row of the car with your siblings. 

Bose Soundlink Revolve

Bose also made the  speaker quite durable, with a rubber top and bottom. This also makes it resistant to water and hot chocolate spills. Specifically the unit as an IPX4 water-resistance rating. Another great feature for the speaker is and understated handle, making it much easier to carry around with you.

Keep your charge while traveling

MyCharge HubPlus 6700mAh

Nobody likes running out of battery on their electronics, especially when you’re navigating home through throngs of other travelers for the holidays. With that said, MyCharge has you covered.  

MyCharge HubPlus 6700mAh

The MyCharge HubPlus 6700mAh portable charger is perfect for any occasion, especially congested holiday traveling. The unit contains both an Apple Lightning cable and micro-USB cable, making it compatible with the majority of electronics on the market today. It also features a standard wall prong. This makes it easy to get a quick boost in charge almost anywhere. If planned correctly, you won’t need to charge it in your holiday travels at all because the unit holds a whopping 45 hours of charge. The MyCharge HubPlus 6700mAh is a must have for all travelers this holiday season.

Don’t get left out in the cold without the latest electronics this holiday season. Stop by your local InMotion store and check out these products and much more.


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