What the Newest iOS 11 Updates Means for You

This is a breakdown of what's happening with the latest iOS update.


What the Newest iOS 11 Updates Means for You

By InMotion
October 6, 2017

Apple’s newest iOS update has arrived, and whether you’re eager to buy the newest iPhone model or just update your current device, the new iOS has something to offer any traveler on the go. Check out your local InMotion to get all the best gadgets to accompany your device following the update while you are on your next trip. Continue reading to learn more about iOS 11’s exciting new features.

Apple’s New Control Center

Streamlining access to your device’s basic functions
New iOS Control Center
The new control center helps save time and hassleuser

In the new update for iPhone, the control center will no longer be split into multiple windows. The new control center takes up the whole screen instead of just half. This allows the control center to offer a wider array of functions in one place. This can be crucial for the on the go person who needs access to something as soon as they need it. No more squinting at half your screen to lower its brightness or change your wifi network.

The control center is customizable so you can highlight what is most important to you and make it easiest to access, and you can arrange the new look bubble-style icons in whatever way is most conducive to you. The expanded 3D touch access will show you additional options previous control centers couldn’t include.

Saving those seconds and minutes spent shuffling through a smaller, less user-friendly control center could be the time one uses to write a work report, book a flight, or have lunch before a meeting. The new control center makes being on the go easier.

Apple Maps Updates

How indoor maps and new lane guidance will help you get around.

How often have you missed your exit, or spent 10 minutes looking for a store directory at a shopping mall before? The Apple maps update for iOS 11 seeks to remedy these issues.

Interior Apple Maps
Apple Maps is now more comprehensive with indoor maps

One of the best new features to aid the traveler is Apple maps new set of indoor maps. These are comprehensive indoor maps of major airports and shopping malls across the country that are now at your fingertips. You won’t trouble yourself stressing over where your flight gate is ever again, and you can find restaurants, stores, and bathrooms at ease.

If your travel plan is more down to Earth you can utilize iOS 11’s new lane guidance feature to Apple maps. If you need to make a sudden turn or use an exit that is specific to a lane of traffic, Apple maps will alert you what lane you need to be in. The speed limit of the road you are traveling on will also be displayed.

These updates to Apple maps will help you to stay on top of your traveling schedule and itinerary and even may prevent an unwanted accident.

New & Improved Do Not Disturb While Driving

How iOS 11 helps keep you safe in your travels

There is a time to be connected to your messages, emails, and phone calls, and there are times that call for a disconnect. iOS 11’s expanded Do Not Disturb While Driving mode helps you disconnect when you need to be your most alert.

iOS 11 wants to make sure you reach your destination

You go through your day receiving constant information from all directions and senses. You read and respond to emails, book flights, and take business calls at a moment’s notice. But what if you need all this to stop?

Apple understood that not everyone will remember to press a button to turn off distracting notifications when they get in their car. People live on the move, and forget things. This is what iOS 11’s new and improved do not disturb mode was designed for. It will recognize when you are in a car and can be enabled to turn on whenever that recognition is made.

Obviously, if you are a passenger or are traveling on mass transit like the subway or the bus you can easily disable this feature and see your notifications, but for the user who is on the go and getting in and out of the car this feature could be very useful and possibly could save your life!

Lose the Language Barrier with Siri’s New Translation Feature

Translate what you want into 5 popular languages (more coming soon)

We live in the information age, where Google translate is a few clicks away whenever we need it. The only problem? It’s not always accurate. And what good is knowing a translation if you don’t know how to say it?

Translate the World
An updated Siri translate can help you communicate with the world

When Apple sought to improve Siri’s functionality they wanted to improve its uses. Allowing someone to easily translate information from their first language into another, with text and audio forms available, could change interactions, both business and personal, for the better.

iOS 11’s Siri translate feature will help you to engage and understand colleagues from many different cultures. It only takes a few short seconds to ask Siri, “how do you say hello in Mandarin,” and suddenly a conversation has started.

Siri currently translates from English into Mandarin, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with more languages coming soon. This new feature will be sure to help the user become more international.

See All of Your Files at Once with Ease

Well organized, quick access to all of the files on your iOS device

Remember that really funny meme your co-worker showed you yesterday? It was so funny, but now you can’t seem to find it on your phone. Every time you search you come back empty and it begins to be frustrating. Enter the Files app.

Files App
The files app stores local content from your device or from cloud services like Onedrive, iCloud, and Google Drive

What was previously the iCloud drive app has been expanded into a more comprehensive Files app. This app mimics the action of the finder app on most Macbooks, in that it’s easily searchable and you can provide tags so you don’t lose that precious meme. The app also allows you to transfer content between apps.

The streamlined files app is just another way that iOS is designed with ease of access in mind.

Clarity of display and function.

One of the biggest themes of the iOS 11 is clarity. You can clearly access all of the files, functions and important apps in new ways without wasting time searching and adjusting, so you can focus your time on more important things.

The iOS 11 was designed with you in mind.

iOS 11 was made available to the public on September 19th following beta testing that lasted from June to September. Visit your nearest InMotion to get all the accessories you need to get the most out of the new iOS.

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