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What You Need to Know about Traveling and SIM Cards

Excited for that trip abroad, or visiting the USA? It’s important to keep your mobile phone connected so...


What You Need to Know about Traveling and SIM Cards

By InMotion
March 13, 2018

Excited for that trip abroad, or visiting the USA? It’s important to keep your mobile phone connected so you can text, call, and use your apps from anywhere. International phone plans through your cell phone provider can be expensive, but a global SIM card can open your phone to all of the data, minutes and texts that you need while you travel. InMotion Stores, conveniently located in airports across the US will help you find the SIM card from mobile phone providers like T-Mobile that will best keep you connected.

Why you should switch to a new SIM Card when traveling abroad

International packages can be expensive with reduced calling and data rates, so consider switching to a travel card.
Mobile Phone

Obtaining a new SIM card when you’re traveling abroad is usually the most economically sound approach to keep you connected. Travelers can save plenty of money if they buy a SIM card from local operators in their new country or a SIM card made specifically for international phone calls. It only takes a few seconds to switch out your old SIM card with a new one.

Pro Tip: Buy at least one SIM Card before leaving your native country. Your family wants to know that you’ve arrived safely before you’ve even de-planed!

Compatible Devices for SIM Cards

Make sure your phone is unlocked and you have the right SIM card size.
SIM Card

The most critical step in using your phone internationally is making sure it is unlocked. Unlocked phones are not tied to a specific network and can thus be used with any network Sim Card. You can determine if your phone is unlocked by checking in your phone’s settings.

Next, when purchasing a new SIM card, make sure you are getting the correct size for your phone. For instance, the iPhone X requires a Nano SIM card, whereas older iPhone models require a Micro or Standard SIM card. T-Mobile offers a 3-in-1 SIM starter kit that includes a Nano SIM card with Micro and Standard SIM adapters. This offers users flexibility when it comes to transferring old SIM cards to new devices.

Pro Tip: Make sure your phone is unlocked before you travel, as this process can take a little time.

How to Change your SIM Card

All you’ll need is a paperclip!

Switching SIM cards between phones is actually pretty easy. Before taking it out, you’re going to want to backup your contacts to the cloud service of your choice and then save them to your SIM card. Once you’ve backed them up, you’re ready to switch it out. Sim Card locations vary but are often located on the side your device (iPhone) or under the battery (Android). A paperclip will often help in releasing the tiny spring which holds your SIM card in place. Just remove your old SIM Card and replace it with your newly purchased SIM card when you’re ready.

Pro Tip: Don’t lose your original SIM Card! You’ll need it to reconnect to your network when you get home. We suggest a safe, secure place like a pill container in your toiletry kit.

Select the right SIM card for you

InMotion has several options to best fit your travel needs

InMotion offers SIM card options for travelers visiting the US or leaving the US for an international destination.

For those visiting the U.S., consider buying the T-Mobile 3 Week TOURIST SIM Card. The affordable three-week plan includes 1,000 minutes of talk, unlimited texts and data, and up to 2 GB of 4G LTE data. You can even turn your phone into a Wifi hotspot with it. Since it’s a one time use SIM card, consider buying more than one if you will be visiting the US for longer than 3 weeks or will exceed the allowance.

For those leaving the US, InMotion has two option by Ultra. Both of these SIM cards can be topped off with additional minutes and data as needed. These SIM cards do not expire, so if you travel internationally often, these SIM cards are a great option to keep on hand.

Pro Tip: Changing your SIM Card also changes your phone number. Make sure to contact family and friends and let them know your new number while your traveling.

Traveling can be stressful, from figuring out your flight times, booking a hotel, or getting directions to your next important meeting. So be prepared, and let InMotion keep you connected to your mobile world so you have one less hassle to worry about while you travel.


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