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Why the myCharge AdventureMax is Your New Go-To Portable Charger

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Why the myCharge AdventureMax is Your New Go-To Portable Charger

By InMotion
September 10, 2019

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. We are a click or call away from our closest friends and family members, the businesses we love, and new opportunities at any given moment. We have our phones and other devices to thank for this interconnectedness, and the ever-expanding nature of technology raises the question as to whether or not our devices can handle this constant need for staying in touch. When it comes to battery life itself, many claim that their phones cannot keep up with the demand. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to keep your phone battery alive so you can always be connected. What can a portable powerbank do for you, and why is the myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank the perfect choice for you? The experts at InMotion are here to break it down for you.

Why Should I Invest in a Portable Charger?

Portable Chargers Ensure We Get the Most Out of Our Devices

MyCharge Adventure at InMotion

As our phones continuously have new and more advanced features than ever before, we subsequently see our phone batteries dwindle at a faster rate. These battery-sucking features make for spectacular user experiences, but can make it impossible to carry out basic phone functions if they drain your battery too quickly. At its core, a portable charger allows you to rest assured that your device is always ready to use when you need it. Whether you’re bored at the airport, in an emergency situation, or floating away to a dreamy, remote island, a portable charger can help ensure that your phone is ready to work when you are. 

Looking to the future, many people argue that phone batteries will improve over time. However, Moore’s Law states that the speed and capabilities of computers (and phones) are expected to double every two years. This means that technology outpaces battery improvements year over year, making it hard for batteries to keep up. We see this in action in the fact that most phone batteries are based on lithium cobalt -- the same technology used since the early 1990s. In other words, we can expect battery technology to improve, but our batteries are expected to continue to struggle to advance at the same rate as the new power-demanding features of phones.

The myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank

My Charge two device charging

It’s clear that a good powerbank is becoming an increasingly-important tech accessory for anyone with a smartphone. However, finding the right powerbank for you isn’t always easy. Choosing a powerbank that’s the right size and has the right features can feel like a big decision. Check out these great features on why the myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank is right for you:

Efficient Charging

The myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank has the capability of storing six full charges of your favorite devices. Delivering power from two separate USB ports, the myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank can charge two devices at once with hyper-charge technology that leads to 65% faster charging than competitors. 

While it’s easy to focus exclusively on how the powerbank charges your phone, we cannot neglect the fact that you need to charge the powerbank itself. The myCharge AdventureMax has rapid-recharge for 50% faster charging than other powerbanks, so you’ll have the power you need to keep moving when you need it. The myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank maintains this charge for up to a year, so you can charge her up and keep her tucked away for when you need it most.

Smart Features

Since technology is constantly evolving, it’s not enough for a powerbank to simply charge your phone. Powerbanks need to have the features necessary to protect your device and ensure efficiency from start to finish. The myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank uses smart-sense technology to ensure complete device compatibility when plugged in and safe-cell technology to ensure the battery output is safe and efficient during charging. Additionally, the myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank uses pass-through charging. Pass-through charging allows you to charge your device and the powerbank at once while prioritizing your device, which is perfect for being on the go or lacking the cable you need to traditional wall-to-device charging.

The Perfect Size 

When it comes to purchasing a portable powerbank, it’s most important to ensure you find the just-right size for your needs. Some people need a single-charge backup while others need the charging capabilities for several days at a time, and finding the right charger for each of these cases often involves a bit of hunting. The myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank has a 10,050mAh Lithium-Ion battery that can charge your device up to six times and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Weighing in at only 0.55 pounds, the myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank is the just-right size to take in a carry-on, purse, or backpack without sacrificing plenty of power to keep you going.

Think it’s time to find the powerbank that can keep you moving? Stop by InMotion while traveling and talk to our expert associates about our portable changing solutions like the myCharge Adventure Series Max 10050mAh Powerbank to see which is right for you and your needs.

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