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Why Wireless Chargers Matter

Wireless charging is the wave of the future, hop on and ride with any of these great options


Why Wireless Chargers Matter

By InMotion
July 26, 2018

It’s easy to dismiss wireless charging capability as unnecessary, fluff, a gimmick, a waste of money. “Why should I spend money on a fancy wireless charger?” you say “I’ve got a wired one that works fine.” This viewpoint is phenomenally short-sighted. We’re rapidly approaching a time where traditionally wired chargers will be a thing of the past. Static charging pads are more convenient and aesthetically pleasing than their obsolete wired brethren. They’re also longer-lasting, as they’re far less prone to the usual fraying and decay than your average wired charger. This also makes them safer. A frayed wire is a fire hazard.

Power and Portability

Mophie Charge Force Powerstation and MyCharge UnPlugged 10K

(Image courtesy of PCMag)

Let’s dispel the first big myth about wireless chargers; namely that they’re big, bulky glass and aluminum frisbees that are really only useful for the “smart home” crowd. This is patently untrue, as the Mophie Charge Force 10,000mAH Wireless Portable Charger proves. This charger is completely wireless thanks to next-generation Qi wireless charging technology, and is capable of charging two devices at once. Best of all, it only measures 5.2 by 2.7 by 0.6 inches! Perfectly sized for a purse, a hidden pocket on a backpack, or jacket, or maybe just the back pocket of your jeans! Those in search of a similar option for one reason or another should consider the MyCharge UnPlugged 10K mAH. It comes with the same features I just listed at almost exactly the same size (5.8 by 2.8 by .8 inches.)

For those tired of their interior design sense being ruined by wires everywhere.

Samsung Wireless Fast-Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Pad
(Image courtesy of The Verge)

For those who actually rather like the concept of a charger as a home appliance, with a sleek, modern design that blends perfectly into the decor, we’ve got you covered too. The Samsung Wireless Fast charging pad comes equipped with a lightweight but durable plastic body and a cooling fan inside to prevent damage to either the charger or your phone during marathon charging sessions. Those with Apple phones, or non-Samsung model Androids, ought to take notice as well. The fast charging pad is fully compatible with any modern phone equipped for wireless charging, which is a demographic that will only grow as more manufacturers hop on the wireless charging trend.

Portability over all else.

Tylt Pebble

tylt pebble
(Image courtesy of Tylt)

Let’s say that 5-point-whatever inches is still too big. That’s reasonable enough, there are plenty of situations where that’s true. For your consideration then, may we present the Tylt Pebble, a 4000 maH 2 in 1 wireless charger and a portable battery that’s actually smaller than the phone you’ll charge with it. Keep in mind however that this smaller size means tradeoffs had to be made in overall capacity and charging speed. Although the Pebble isn't fast charging, it's zen-like design is unobtrusive and is on trend.

Fully Charged

Break free from wired charging

We hope that we’ve shown that wireless chargers are not a gimmick and certainly not a one-trick pony throughout the course of this article. Battery packs with wireless charging capability may change the way we play, travel, and live. Being without your phone because of a dead battery may soon be a thing of the past. Home model wireless chargers may soon be ubiquitous throughout the modern home, taking their place among other smart appliances.  So next time you drop by InMotion, whether it’s for an urgent purchase or just killing time on a layover, consider arming yourself for the future of charging with any of these products built for the future.

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