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Why You Need a Fast Charger for Your Devices

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Why You Need a Fast Charger for Your Devices

By InMotion
July 19, 2018

There’s nothing more important in the kit of a modern smartphone-owner than a dependable, durable, fast charger. All three of these qualities are a must. We depend on our chargers, plugs and wires to work 100% of the time, and when they don’t, not only is it a safety hazard but it's also downright frustrating.

Chargers are the backbone of the modern tech ecosystem. Ancillary tech and accessories are often as important as the smartphone itself for those seeking to get the most out of their devices. Here are a few of our favorites to ease your decision-making the next time you need to replace yours, upgrade it, or just because you forgot yours in your travel bag.

A Must-Have for iPhone Owners Now and Tomorrow

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable and 29W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple iPhone USB-C charge cable
Image courtesy of Apple Support

Apple’s decision to adopt USB-C over their full range of products was lauded by some as a great future-proofing move, and scorned by others as profoundly anti-consumer. There is, of course, precedent for this sort of dramatic change from Apple, as many questioned their decision to abandon their at-the-time-ubiquitous 30-pin model chargers for the smaller and more efficient proprietary Lightning charger starting with IPhone 5. Now with IPhone X cresting over the horizon six years later the lightning charger is similarly widespread in its usage throughout Apple’s whole range of products, though it’s been with standard USB-A and B connectors. With the new generation of USB-C providing major fast charging capability for Iphones, Ipads, Air Pods, and any other Apple products, it’s easy to see this new generation of apple chargers becoming just as recognizable as their predecessors. The Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable and 29W USB-C Power Adapter certainly possess the performance for it, charging modern iPhone models to 85% from empty in just over an hour and twenty minutes. That’s a lot less time you have to spend nursing your battery life, and a lot more time to actually use your devices.

A Swiss Army Knife of a Wireless Charger

Ventev Qi Wireless Charge Stand

Image Courtesy of GearOpen

There are few words as beautiful to any techie’s ears as “universal compatibility.” Whether it’s gaming, software, or the accessories and smart devices themselves it’s always nice when your technology just works with minimal fiddling and head-scratching over what chargers work with which devices. This kind of predicament can become doubly confusing when you add a few of your friends to the mix, and everyone’s asking if they can borrow every kind of charger but the one you have. If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly having people over who stay until their phones run out of battery, consider investing in a Ventev Qi/Fast Wireless charge stand. With a powerful 16W charger equipped for both Qi and Fast Wireless charging you and your guests will appreciate both the versatility and the ease of access, as modern wireless chargers do away with the tedious plugging and unplugging of earlier wired chargers.

JarvMobile 33W USB Quick Charge 3.0

For those who value power over all else.

JarvMobile 33W USB Quick Charge 3.0

For the sort of person who has two of everything, whether for work or for personal reasons, and needs them all charged now, right now, look no further than JarvMobile’s 33W USB Quick Charge 3.0. With two USB ports, one for your standard USB-A devices and one for your newer USB-C equipped gadgets, and enough power to fast charge two of them at once. This is truly the muscle car of wall chargers, with Quick Charge 3.0 Technology enabling charging 4x faster than standard wall chargers. It can charge a phone from 0% to 80% battery in just 35 minutes!

Power Line

A good charger pays for itself.

Android smartphone charging

Chargers can seem disposable, boring. Used one up? Throw it out and buy another. But this sort of mindset is a losing one over time, it’s bad for your wallet, bad for the planet, and potentially bad for your devices. A quality charger from a respectable brand you can trust pays you back in time saved and power efficiency. When you’re ready to take the power back with your next charger purchase you can drop by any InMotion Store for the selection you want with the know-how you need to make the best purchase possible.

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