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Your Guide to Jabra’s New Elite Lineup

The new elite lineup from Jabra has headphones of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.


Your Guide to Jabra’s New Elite Lineup

By InMotion
August 9, 2018

Nowadays you really can’t do without a good pair of headphones, and “good” is quickly becoming synonymous with “wireless.” Whether it’s in terms of sound quality, portability, or just feature lists, modern wireless headphones are quickly leaving their standard-issue wired counterparts in the dust. The new Jabra Elite series is joining the wireless headphone landscape, and these headphones have firepower. Whether you want great wireless call quality, powerful speakers for your music, durable construction, or noise cancelling to aid with sleep or travel, Jabra’s range of elite models have the features you need to suit a modern lifestyle and InMotion’s here to help you pick the best pair for you.

Call in Clarity and Quiet

Jabra Elite 65e

Jabra Elite 65e earbuds

Jabra’s 3-microphone wireless calling technology on the 65e allows for superior call quality even in the most strenuous of circumstances, and it comes standard with a range of gel earphone-tips to ensure a snug fit in ears of any shape and size. Couple this with the 65e’s professional-grade active-noise cancelling technology, and you have a hands-free calling rig that punches far above its weight class. Best of all; the 65e comes equipped with a phenomenal 13 hour battery life (8 hours with active noise cancelling enabled) so it’ll last you all through your workday.

Still not sold? How about one-touch access to Siri, Alexa, and Google Now? Or maybe sound-equalizer functionality? Bring the bass up on a dance track and bring it back down again to keep it from muddying up the horns on some golden oldies. It’s your music, hear it the way you want to.

Truly Wireless Headphones for Life, and for Sport

Jabra Elite 65t/65t Active

 Jabra Elite 65t/65t Active earphones in their charging case

For those who want to do away with wires entirely, the Jabra Elite 65t provides a compact, modern design which will easily fit in whatever passes for a pocket in your wardrobe. The 65t’s charging case also keep these earphones from getting tangled or jammed with lint in addition to expanding their battery life from 5 to 15 hours for marathon listening sessions. Those in search of even more durability should consider the 65t Active model, which comes standard with a 2 year warranty against dust and water. This is of course in addition to the usual great range of features from a quality manufacturer like Jabra, such as a snug fit to ensure you won’t lose your tunes in the heat of a workout, and proven wireless connectivity to avoid finicky disconnecting and reconnecting. Both models of the 65t also include active noise cancelling, one touch personal assistant access, and 4 microphones for enhanced call clarity.

They’re Flexible So you Can Be Too.

Jabra Elite 45e

Jabra Elite 45e earbuds

The Jabra Elite 45e series come with a memory wire neckband to ensure a comfortable fit that contours to your head size and shape, no matter what. With an 8-hour battery life, and equalizer technology to remove unwanted noise from whatever it is you’re listening to, the 45e is a more than adequate option that won’t put too much of a beating on your wallet. Those on a budget, or wireless skeptics should consider the 45e a good introductory model that retains most of the same features without breaking the bank.

Tune in, turn on, drop out.

Jabra’s elite series will keep you equipped for the headphone arms race.

man on a run wearing Jabra earphones

A decade after Apple’s white earphones became the industry standard and achieved a degree of widespread usage few accessories can match, the way we think of in-ear audio is changing again. Wireless headphones are quickly becoming cheaper, more durable, and more reliable. With smartphone manufacturers making the once-unthinkable decision to ditch standard AUX inputs, having wired earphones may soon be an unqualified liability. Any of the Jabra models profiled above provide the feature list, battery life, and sound quality to match up to any wireless earphones on the market. Next time you feel the need to upgrade your in-ear audio experience, why not drop by InMotion? We have the selection and the expertise you need to make sure you stay ahead of the pack, and to make your upgrade really feel like an upgrade.

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