GoPro Tips from InMotion: International Travel Tips + Tricks

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International Travel Tips + Tricks

You’re going on the trip of a lifetime, so we’re here to make sure you don’t pull an amateur adventurer mistake. The key is to maximize the quality of footage you capture in the often-fleeting moment you have with an iconic sight, especially when it comes to public art.

  1. Selfiescapes
  • Tip: Mount your GoPro to a compatible mount, like the Shorty or 3-Way. When the time comes, frame the shot, set your GoPro to Time Lapse Photo at 0.5-second intervals and strike a few poses. This will ensure you have an array of photos to choose from.
  1. Group shot
  • Tip: Use the Photo Timer in Photo Mode. You can set it to snap the shot at 3 or 10 seconds. This way you can frame the shot and find your place in the squad before the capture.
  • Use your smartphone as a remote with the GoPro app. Once connected, you can control your GoPro from your device and use the screen to preview what’s in the frame.
  • Embrace the candid moment and shout “GoPro, Start Recording” to start capturing whatever antics ensue. Later, use the GoPro app to pull a still frame from the video. The higher your resolution the better the photo will be, so we recommend selecting 2.7K or 4K for this option.
  1. Mounts
  • Tip: The top four mounts to travel with are 
- Shorty
- Sleeve + Lanyard
- LightMod
- 3-Way

These versatile options will take you from hikes to underwater plunges, steady your footage across cityscapes and walks and, best of all, pack down tiny while keeping your GoPro within reach.

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