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It's Getting Hot in Here: Miami International Airport

Stop by these relaxing spots while you wait for your flight at MIA


It's Getting Hot in Here: Miami International Airport

By InMotion
April 12, 2018

Starting off spring break in Miami International Airport (MIA) means kickstarting your vacation with classic tropical leisure. While you're waiting for your next flight, InMotion suggests stopping by these relaxing spots.

The Clover Irish Pub

Clove Bar
Image courtesy of Airport Concessions Group

Yeah, it’s a pub, but it’s also a viable breakfast, lunch and dinner option--especially if you’re interested in Irish fare. The Clover Irish Pub (Terminal D West by Gate D30) offers a lively atmosphere whether you visit for a refreshing, solitary drink or a social indulgence with your fellow travelers. Take it as an excuse to bust out your phone, complete with your new TUMI co-Mold Leather Case, and snap a couple new memories as a start to your vacation.

Booklink & Cafe

book store
Image courtesy of Blogspot

Satisfy your coffee craving and intellectual curiosity in one go at Booklink & Cafe (Terminal D East by Gate D20). Booklink offers thousands of print titles, a newsstand, and a cafe to satisfy all your major hangout needs. You have the option to browse through various reading materials while sipping on a relaxing tea or coffee. For more immersive relaxation, you could block out the white noise with your Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones as you read through recent titles and news.

Art in Public Places

miami window art
Image courtesy of Modlar

We get it: spring break means new adventures, which might mean you want to be on your feet. Lucky for you, MIA supports multiple art galleries throughout its terminals. The internationally recognized art program “Art in Public Places” is responsible for exhibits like Harmonic Convergence in the MIA Mover Station Skyride Connector. Stroll by with your Sony 1000XM2 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones to experience the galleries with a soothing springtime soundtrack as your background music.

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